The Madison Umpire Association exists to provide umpires for Madison Baseball Association.  While the two groups are closely related, they are separate entities, each with its own board of directors.  As an umpire association, it is our goal to provide the best quality officials we can for the game of recreation baseball.  We meet every week beginning in early January until the MBA season starts, then we meet every other week.  We meet at Asbury United Methodist Church, located at 980 Hughes Road on the corner of Hughes and Gillespie.  Meetings are upstairs in the Hope Building on Sunday afternoons and start promptly at 1:00pm.  Our meetings consist of classroom training on rules and mechanics/positioning and a test at the end of the meeting.  We also do a couple of “field days” each year, then have trainers work with umpires during the MBA practice games at the beginning of the year.

Throughout the year our umpires are evaluated on a variety of topics.  You can view these topics in the Evaluation Standards document.

If you would like to discuss joining, please contact a board member, below
Tom Persons- President
Ed Bryan- Liaison with MBA Board, Lower Quad Scheduler
John Kutsor – Upper Quad Scheduler
Mark Lambert- Training
Brent Richardson- Upper Quad Supervisor
Bill Ward- Training, Testing, Evaluator, Rules Interpreter.


Madison Umpire Association Forms

Umpire training has begun so if you are interested in joining us, you need to contact one of the MUA Board members listed above.  Print a copy of the Application, the Umpire manual and the official Baseball Rules and bring to each class along with a notebook and pen.  When printing the Official rules, you do not need to print section 9 which is the Official Scorer and does not apply to umpires. You will, however need to print the following sections which are the Definition of Terms and the Appendices.